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From A to… Z-Tip™ – Channel Cleaning Brushes Get a Makeover

Date Published: October 25, 2017

Key Surgical® understands the demands on central service personnel when it comes to effective manual cleaning. Not only are they tasked with effectively removing all traces of dirt/soil/bioburden but they need to protect the instrument while doing so. Lumen Guard™ Cleaning Brushes are a newly-designed channel cleaning brush from Key Surgical that include some of the same great benefits customers love about our other brush styles… with a few new features.

Lumen Guard Cleaning Brushes feature antimicrobial nylon bristles that are more rigid than our standard line of nylon bristled cleaning brushes. The rigid bristles help effectively remove tough dirt/debris from the lumen or channel of a surgical instrument during manual cleaning. The brush handle is a durable, twisted stainless steel that includes a loop at the end. For protection of the lumen during cleaning, there is a smooth, ball-like protective tip, an element created with the use of Z-Tip™ technology. Since this tip is actually part of the handle itself, it does not separate from the brush, providing peace of mind during the cleaning process. Lumen Guard Cleaning Brushes are a true hybrid brush and are a great new tool for manual cleaning.

Lumen Guard Cleaning Brushes are available in lengths from 6” to 24” and diameters from .050” to 1” and are packaged to fit your department needs in either 2/pkg or 50/pkg.

Visit Lumen Guard Cleaning Brushes on our website today to find the diameter and length that work for you!