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Thank Your Team During Sterile Processing Week

09.09.2020 • Industry News

Sterile Processing Week is coming up quickly and, like most things this year, your celebration might look a little different. Group celebrations (happy hours, pizza lunches, etc.) may not be safe options this year, but that doesn’t mean that gratitude has been canceled. With a little creativity you can find different ways to make sure your team knows their work is seen and appreciated. Small gifts with fun, thoughtful messages may be exactly what your team needs. We know you’re busy, so we thought we’d help get you started!

Here are four creative ideas you can use to thank your team during Sterile Processing Week:

1. You’re a lifesaver:

Make a bag or buy rolls of Lifesavers™ candy for each of your team members. Print tags that say “You’re a Lifesaver, Thank you for all you do!” and tape one to each bag or roll of Lifesavers. Download tags here.

2. Thank you for your commit- “mint”:

Buy mints for each team member. Print tags that say, “Thank you for your commit- “mint”” and tape them on each container or bag of mints. Download tags here.

3. You’re so-da bomb:

Buy a can or bottle of soda for each member of your team. Print the tags that say, “You’re so-da bomb!” and tape one to each of the sodas. Download tags here.

4. All that and a bag of chips:

Buy a multi-pack of small, bagged chips with enough for team member. Print the tags that say “You’re all that and a bag of chips!” and tape one to each of the bags. Download tags here.