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Premier Q&A with Erik Hromatka, Director of National Accounts

11.26.2019 • Industry News

Earlier this year, Key Surgical was awarded a new agreement with Premier Inc. We asked Erik Hromatka Key Surgical's Director of National Accounts to help answer commonly asked questions about the new agreement. 

Q: What Key Surgical products are available to Premier and ASCEND members on the new agreements?  

A: Key Surgical has two new agreements with Premier, the National Agreement PP-MM-752 and an ASCEND Agreement AS-MM-752.  Both of these agreements are in the Premier category “Instrument Cleaners and Enzymatics”.  The new National Agreement is similar to our previous agreement with Premier, but the ASCEND Agreement is brand new to Key Surgical. We are very excited that we have been added to a previously sole source ASCEND category. I am grateful that Premier and ASCEND members found enough value to add us to this category.

The products in these agreements includes all of Key Surgical’s 400+ cleaning brushes, instrument protection such as tip caps, and instrument identification tape.  The National Agreement also includes our new Dr. Weigert products, PreStop and MultiZym. PreStop is an instrument pre-cleaning spray and MultiZym is an enzymatic detergent specifically designed and optimized for manual cleaning of instruments in sinks.  These products have been a welcome new addition to our portfolio, and we’re thrilled to be able to provide improved support in this area.

Q: Why should a facility use Key Surgical for Instrument Cleaning and Enzymatics?

A: Key Surgical has the most complete line of cleaning brushes, tip caps, and instrument identification tape in the industry.  We work hard to price these products very competitively. In addition to a wide range of products and competitive price, we also provide education. Our online Key Surgical education program, including a new mobile app, offers IAHCSMM and CBSPD accredited continuing education (CE) credits. Courses help personnel stay on top of best practices in the industry and how those best practices can be applied to your department.  Our overall value is second to none, and we are proud to advocate for patient safety through high-quality products and education in the industry.
Q: How can Key Surgical help with value analysis in this category?
A: Premier Supply Chain Advisor has a cross reference tool available, but don’t be afraid to reach out directly to Key Surgical. We are here to help with cross referencing and support a value analysis for our products in this category. We’ve seen substantial savings for customers by switching to Key Surgical products, via both the National and ASCEND agreements.

Q: How do customers gain access to the Premier National Agreement or ASCEND pricing?

A: Premier member locations can opt into their pricing tier or (if eligible) the ASCEND agreement through Premier’s Supply Chain Advisor.  ASCEND members have an automatic opt-out deadline of January 1st .  However, they can still opt-in to Key Surgical pricing after that date.   If providers have any questions related to Premier or the Premier ASCEND Agreements, they can reach out to their Premier Representatives for more information.