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Scope Processing Tag

Double-sided tags designed to attach to a scope to identify process dates, ensuring scopes are used within the appropriate time frame or sent for reprocessing. This tear-resistant tag is great for capturing more detailed information regarding scope reprocessing such as scope model #, leak test (pass/fail) and hang date and time. Also features a location for affixing a barcode for additional tracking. Compatible with steam and gas plasma sterilization. Single use. Not made with natural rubber latex. Customizable. Each package includes a lab marker (ink in lab marker is waterproof, alcohol resistant and withstands steam and gas plasma sterilization).

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  • Scope Processing Tag
    Scope Processing Tag ET-200.jpg
    Scope Processing Tag ET-200.jpg
    Scope Processing Tag
    Number Color Packaged
    ET-200 White 100/pkg (also includes 1 black lab marker)
    Width: 3" (8cm)
    Length: 10.5" (27cm)