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Sterilization Wrap

Designed for use with EtO, steam, gamma irradiation and e-beam sterilization methods, it has the highest bacterial filtration efficiency available. Highly permeable to prevent wet packs. Outstanding liquid repellency, including water, alcohol and iodine. Even texture to permit immediate visual detection of small pinholes or tears.

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  • Sterilization Wrap
    Sterilization Wrap CS-2424.jpg
    Sterilization Wrap CS-2424.jpg
    Sterilization Wrap
    Number Width Packaged
    CS-1818 18" x 18" 500/box
    CS-2020 20" x 20" 500/box
    CS-2424 24" x 24" 500/box
    CS-3030 30" x 30" 250/box
    CS-3636 36" x 36" 250/box
    CS-4545 45" x 45" 250/box
    CS-5454 54" x 54" 100/box