Key Surgical Products - Instrument Tracking


Key Surgical's KeyDot is a highly effective and affordable solution for tracking individual surgical instruments beyond the tray level. Whether just starting to look into the various instrument tracking systems available, or currently tracking instrument trays, KeyDot is an easy, efficient and economical way to get the most from an asset tracking system and to maximize your return on investment.

The KeyDot is a small, laser-etched, two-dimensional Data Matrix barcode label that can be applied directly to an instrument's surface. KeyDot has been thoroughly tested for sterility and biocompatibility and is safe for use on surgical instruments. KeyDot has been incorporated into most of the instrument tracking software applications available today.

The KeyDot can be used to track specialty, high-value, or peel-pack items on an individual basis, or it can be used to mark entire services. Whatever the application, KeyDot helps provide increased efficiency, accuracy and productivity in tray assembly, general instrument identification and instrument inventory status and management.

With a cost of around fifty cents per instrument, KeyDot is an easy, economical and efficient means of tracking individual surgical instruments.