Key Surgical Products - Personal Protection


Key Surgical's Personal Protection line is dedicated to offering the best in personal protection equipment. We take your safety seriously, and our protective products are designed to shield you from splash and spray in sterile processing and decontamination.

Key Surgical Face Shields are available in a wide range of styles to fit the preferences of every individual. We offer full face shields and short face shields, face shields with masks, with Tyvek expanders, with ties and with ear loops. And all of our face shields offer the same anti-fog and anti-glare performance that you need in the operating room or during sterilization and decontamination.

Key Surgical Impervious Barrier Gowns and Sleeves are lightweight, comfortable and breathable. The non-penetrable poly material assures Gowns and Sleeves are impervious to liquids and aerosols while keeping the wearer cool.

Key Surgical Impervious Shoe Covers are durable and skid resistant. Designed to offer protection for the user and control contamination of the clean environment from exterior debris, they are a great solution for environments where splash and spray are a concern.

Key Surgical Autoclave Mitts provide you with a steam barrier for removing hot trays and racks from the autoclave and are available in two lengths to better protect all arm sizes. Key Surgical Nitrile gloves are powder-free and available in 4 sizes. The micro textured fingertips are designed to increase dexterity and functionality.

Key Surgical Cleanroom Apparel including Coveralls, Bouffants, Masks, Beard Covers and Shoe Covers, are designed to fit well, are non-linting and provide the required coverage for cleanroom environments.

Key Surgical Adhesive Mats are designed to effectively capture dirt and dust particles from foot traffic. Acrylic adhesive in the mat does not support microbial growth. Adhesive Mats come with numbered tabs to easily peel for a fresh layer of protection.