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About Us

Key Surgical is a leading provider of sterile processing, operating room and instrument care supplies. Committed to manufacturing and distributing the highest quality products, Key Surgical maintains the highest level of applicable ISO and FDA requirements. Continual dedication to personalized customer service and an extensive product line allow Key Surgical to serve the needs of hospitals, surgical centers and more throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Key Surgical's Story

Key Surgical was founded in 1988 by three women who had extensive experience in the nursing profession and the surgical supply industry; they were motivated by the growing need for a single source supplier that could also provide excellent customer service. The partners built an extensive product line based on market need.

In 2005 Brian O’Connell and Scot Milchman acquired the company and have maintained the business in the original vein of responsively and conveniently providing the widest range of products and the highest level of service. Key Surgical now offers more than 3,000 products to customers worldwide.

We take great pride in our employees’ commitment to making sure that each customer’s experience with us is a positive one.

Our Mission

At Key Surgical, our mission is three-fold. First, to hire and retain good people who understand that nothing happens until a customer decides to buy something from us. Second, to grow by providing the quality products, value and service that our customers want, when they want them. And finally, to be good citizens by providing a rewarding and fun place for employees to work and sharing the benefits of our growth with the community in which we operate.